Amygdalis – Almond Wine

Aromatized Liquor Wine

Production Area: West coast of Sicily, in Marsala

Altitude: 50-100 m asl

Climate: coastal climate with very hot and humid summer

Type of soil: mixed soil, sandy, clayey, tending to calcareous

Vineyard: Inzolia e Cataratto

Cultivation system: traditional free sapling

Yield per hectare: 80 Ql

Vinification: the grape are destemmed, crushed and subjected to soft pressing. Fermentation at controlled temperature.  At the end of fermentation, the wise aromatization with alcoholic infusion of almonds and sugar, creates the natural flavour of this specialty

Ingredients: white table wine, sugar, alcohol of wine, natural aromas

Sugar content: 20%

Colour:  white with light amber highlights

Bouquet: intense of almond

Taste: quite sweet, characteristic of almond, persistent

Alcohol content: 16 % vol.

Serving temperature: 12 °C

Food matches: dessert wine, with ricotta cheese pastries or dry biscuits. Excellent as an aperitif with aged cheeses and arugula

Bottle: bordeaux bottle, of type “noble” (7,3 x 31,9 cm) in white glass. Bottles 75 cl

Stopper: cork stopper encapsulated (stopper “T”)

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