Propolis comes from the resin that bees collect in the environment, in particular from the trees. For its immunostimulant characteristics it is commonly called “natural antibiotic * “. However, the propolis is also a great cicatrizing and decongestant of the respiratory tract.
Since it is alcohol-based, the propolis has a very good and long shelf life.
Ingredients: alcohol, propolis 30%, water.
How to use: Shake well before using. Take 1 pipette (10 drops) per day in advance; 3 a day to minor illnesses; every 2 -3 hours for serious illnesses. For children it is possible to halve the dose.  If it doesn’t like is possible to match with a tablespoon of honey
* The hive products are not medicines but a long and constant use of them can help the effects indicated.
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